Chairman Principal
 Co-ordinator Lalthanzama Ralte, Librarian
 Members R.L. Chhuanawma, Asso. Prof (Hist)

P.C. Lalremsiama, Asso. Prof (Eco)

Vanlalchhunga, Asso. Prof (Mizo)

H. Zonuntluanga, Asso. Prof (Pol Sc)

Ricky Lalsangzuala, Asso. Prof (Geog)

N.B. Sachhei, Asso. Prof (Zoo)

Dr. Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte, Asst. Prof (Bot)

Dr. Samuel Lallianrawna, Asst. Prof (Chem)

C. Lalramliana, Asst. Prof (Maths)

Dr. Lalrintluanga  Sailo, Asst. Prof (Phy)

Jeanie Lalthanpari poonte, Asst. Prof (BCA)

T. Lalawmpuii, Asst. Prof (Eng)



  • Improvement of the performance of College librarian/Library.
  • Library committee to be strengthened as to function fully.
  • Proper cataloguing.
  • Creating friendly library rooms.