Convener Dr. Lalrintluanga Sailo, Asst. Prof (Phy)
 Members Dr. Samuel Lallianrawna, Asst. Prof (Chem)

Dr. S. Beihrosa, Asst. Prof (Zoo)

Dr. C. Vanlalnghaka, Asst.Prof (Zoo)

Dr. Jonathan Lalnunsiama, Asst.Prof (Phy)

H. Lalchhanhima,Asst. Prof (Contr) (BCA)

Lalhmingmawia Kawlni, Asst. Prof(PT), (BCA)

Laldinpuia, Asst. Prof (PT), (Eco)



  • To look after the IT gadgets & Internet.
  • To take care of websites etc.
  • Duly upload necessary information.
  • Suggest rules in regards to IT gadgets to the authority.