Chairman Dr. C. Vanlalnghaka, Asst.Prof (Zoo)
 Co-ordinator Dr. S. Beihrosa, Asst. Prof (Zoo)
 Members Dr. Samuel Lallianrawna, Asst. Prof (Chem)

Dr. Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte, Asst. Prof (Bot)

Dr. Lalrintluanga Sailo, Asst. Prof (Phy)

Dr. Jonathan Lalnunsiama, Asst.Prof (Phy)

Dr. Zarzosanga, Asst. Prof (Contr) (Pol Sc)

Dr. Rebecca Lalmuanpuii, Asst. Prof (Contr) (Chem)



  • Promotion of Research e.g. Small study within the college.
  • Research cells of RUSA & IQAC.
  • Organizing Seminars & Research.
  • Consultancy Services, in collaboration with outside resources.